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You know the benefits of saving. We can show you the best ways how.

Money Market Accounts

Higher interest rates make your savings grow.

Now you can enjoy the rewards of higher-interest savings with our convenient, easy-to-access Money Market Account. With a Money Market Account, your savings continues to earn interest from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. 

When you open a Money Market Account, you get unlimited deposits and withdrawals. You can also access your account through our 24-hour ATM, by in-branch teller transactions, or via online banking.

Statement Savings

A savings option with ATM card convenience.

With this account, you’ll receive a periodic statement and you can view all account activity online. Link your Statement Savings account to a Checking account for SWEEP capabilities; now you've got one flexible savings product.

Passbook Savings

A time-tested account that allows you to see each transaction recorded as processed. Without access via ATM or debit cards, it's the perfect account for someone who is trying to save money and wants to watch it grow.

Holiday Clubs

With a Holiday Club account you can initiate a flexible, automatic savings plan and not worry about making weekly deposits. So your funds will be there when you need them, just in time for the holidays.

Personal SWEEP Savings Accounts

SWEEP your money into a higher interest-paying account.

With SWEEP Savings, your money will earn a higher rate of interest, thanks to our program which continuously transfers funds between two accounts, funding your checking account as incoming items need to be paid and transferring excess funds back to your savings account helping you attain your savings goals.

You don't have to do anything to earn extra interest—we do it for you at no charge.


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